Gavriel Merkado, REalyse

Gavriel Merkado, REalyse
Gavriel Merkado, REalyse

Gavriel Merkado is the founder & CEO of REalyse, B2B Real Estate data company, helping real estate companies take better decisions through more and better data.

In short: they’re bringing the transparency in the financial market to real estate.

  • How does the product work?
  • How did they grow the company, starting at the accelerator Pi Labs?
  • Strategies on working with investors (latest Series A round of 3 million GBP)

Gavriel will also share his thoughts on:

  • What he would do differently if he started REalyse again.
  • What type of business he would start if not a data company.
  • What skills you need as an Entrepreneur.

Guy Westlake, Lavanda

Guy Westlake, Don't Mind the Gap
Guy Westlake, Lavanda

The short term lending market is stronger than ever, so I met one of the worlds most interesting Entrepreneurs in this field – Guy Westlake, founder of Lavanda – a B2B short term rental market place operating globally.

  • How did Airbnb lead them to start the company?
  • The low level of technology adoption and regulatory manners in this field.
  • How they manage to attract institutional investors.
  • Guy’s best strategy advice on how to start a tech company.
  • What to not spend money on.
  • An invitation to a global membership to all you hotel operators and short term rental operators.


Carl Christensen, Spacemaker

Carl Christensen, Spacemaker

Carl Christensen, co-founder of Spacemaker – one of the worlds most interesting real estate tech companies, focused on designing better cities with artificial intelligence. 

  • Listen to their journey, from scratch in 2016 to today, with a recent 25 Million USD investment for a series A round.
  • Why many well known Venture Capitalists want to invest in them.
  • What their VC’s are mainly helping them with.
  • What they’ve learned so far.
  • What skills you need to succeed as an entrepreneur .
  • Why you shouldn’t start a business alone.
  • The Spacemaker business model and future plans. 


Franz Dörr, Flatfair

For all Entrepreneurs and Real Estate professionals out there – this episode is extra relevant for you!

Franz Doerr is the founder and CEO of Flatfair, a fast growing UK-based Proptech/Fintech company focused on innovative deposit solutions

We will cover the following:

  • Their journey, from the early funding stages to the latest round of 11 M USD.
  • How they approach investors.
  • Who is the right kind of investor?
  • Tips on a new business idea and a great software.
  • Other valuable advice for Real Estate professionals and Entrepreneurs.


Henrik Botten Taubøll, WeWork

Henrik is the Director for WeWork’s operations in the Nordics, the Baltics and the Netherlands. He’s also co-founded Proptech Norway, an initiative to connect Entrepreneurs and Investors.

Some of the subjects we’ll cover are:
– WeWork’s successful processes & methods.
– How they use tech & data.
– Their view on the risks of a declining office market & higher vacancy levels.
– How to maintain the quality while scaling rapidly.

We’ll also discuss Real Estate Innovations, Entrepreneurship and investor sentiment – there are some good news, especially for all you innovative Entrepreneurs out there.

Enjoy! /Emro

Arnie Sriskandarajah, Round Hill Ventures

Arnie Shriskandarajah is the Managing Director of Round Hill Ventures and has appeared on toplists such as Forbes 30 under 30 and 100 most influential people in Tech.

Round Hill Ventures is a part of Round Hill Capital – a global real estate firm with 15 offices around the world and 7 billion brittish pounds in asset value. They invest in and manage residential & commercial real estate, student housing and senior living.

In this episode we’re focusing on Round Hill Ventures and Proptech-investing. We are discussing:

  • What they as investors are looking for in terms of business ideas and personal traits
  • What the Real Estate industry can learn from Tech
  • Advice for Entrepreneurs seeking funding
  • Where the industry will be in five years
  • Advice for ”traditional” Real Estate Professionals


Daniel Kraft, Stronghold Invest

In this episode I’m meeting Daniel Kraft, Head of Innovations at Stronghold Invest. He’s also the co-founder of Nordic Proptech Initiative.

Stronghold has one of the most impressive portfolio’s, with companies such as: Newsec, Datcha and Niam. They are skilled at combining traditional real estate investments, consulting and Proptech.
In this episode we will discuss:

  • The investor perspective in real estate ventures
  • Advice to Entrepreneurs on how to get funded and grow
  • Why proptech is relevant to everyone, even if you’re a newbie
  • The latest useful innovations in the industry

Enjoy! /Emro Alkirwy

Andrew Baum, Oxford Said Business School

Andrew Baum,, Emro Alkirwy

In this episode I’m meeting Professor Andrew Baum at Oxford Said Business School.

He’s also the chariman of Newcore Capital Management as well as Property Funds research, both in London.

During the interview we’ll discuss:

  • The evolution of the real estate industry and where we are today.
  • What jobs that will disappear in a near future.
  • What companies that are pulling away from the competition, and why.
  • The skills and competences you should focus on to stay relevant in the industry.

We’ll also talk about Proptech, Digitalization, the few unicorns in Real Estate and the next big thing.


/Emro Alkirwy