Gavriel Merkado, REalyse

Gavriel Merkado, REalyse
Gavriel Merkado, REalyse

Gavriel Merkado is the founder & CEO of REalyse, B2B Real Estate data company, helping real estate companies take better decisions through more and better data.

In short: they’re bringing the transparency in the financial market to real estate.

  • How does the product work?
  • How did they grow the company, starting at the accelerator Pi Labs?
  • Strategies on working with investors (latest Series A round of 3 million GBP)

Gavriel will also share his thoughts on:

  • What he would do differently if he started REalyse again.
  • What type of business he would start if not a data company.
  • What skills you need as an Entrepreneur.